The Tufinnovate World Tour 2023 is a unique event that unites network security and cloud professionals for a collaborative and cutting-edge learning experience. 

Your company churns out thousands of innovative cloud-based applications that depend on long-standing enterprise infrastructure, where sensitive data and mission-critical business processes are housed. How do you protect all that without slowing anything down? 

Come together for the Tufinnovate World Tour 2023 and connect with experts and peers, just like you, who are solving these problems and more every day. 

What You’ll Learn… 

  • Unifying NetSec and CloudSec teams with holistic situational awareness 
  • Building practical partnerships between NetSec and DevOps 
  • Gaining application-centric connectivity visibility from public cloud to internal networks to optimize business outcomes 
  • Best practices for securing complex enterprise networks, including SD-WAN, and native cloud environments 
  • Establishing continuous compliance automation, with security guardrails for CI/CD and application delivery 
  • Maintaining a state of audit readiness