The Intersection of Cloud & Network Security

As clouds and networks converge, the boundaries between traditional on-premises network security and cloud-based security measures are become increasingly blurred.

Join us at Tufinnovate 2024, a virtual event, and let’s cut through the complexity, exploring how breakthrough technologies and re-imagined processes will protect your growing digital footprint and evolving infrastructure.

Topic Sessions


Where NetSec Meets the Cloud

Explore integration strategies for aligning traditional network security measures with cloud-based architectures to create a unified defense framework.

How AI & Automation Are Securing Distributed Enterprise Networks

Learn how to fortify security within distributed network environments by uncovering the practical applications and benefits of AI-powered automation.

The Power of Combined Network Security and Network Monitoring

Maximize your network’s performance by combining comprehensive security policy management and automation with lightning-fast network monitoring.

Compliance in a Converged World

Stay up to date on best practices for passing audits, collecting evidence, validating policy, and navigating compliance challenges in converged cloud + data center environments.

Converging Data Across Network, IPAM, Cloud, SEIM, and SASE

Uncover strategies for integrating and synthesizing data from various IT domains to enhance security, visibility, and management across hybrid environments.

Vision for the Future: Tufin and AKIPS Product Roadmap

Understand how we’re enhancing our products – both Tufin and AKIPS – to meet your evolving network’s needs over the next few years.

Who Should Attend?

Tufinnovate is open to all network security and operations professionals – whether you are a Tufin customer/partner or not!

  1. Network Security and Firewall Teams
  2. Cloud and Infrastructure Architects
  3. Network and Cloud Operations
  4. Cloud Security and Integration Specialists
  5. Technical Consultants and Implementation Engineers



Dr. Dorit Dor

Chief Technology Officer, Check Point


Raymond Brancato

Chief Executive Officer


Ruth Gomel Kafri

VP of Product Management


Erez Tadmor

Field CTO


Jeff Wilmot

Chief Revenue Officer


Brian Gladstein

Chief Marketing Officer

More Speakers Coming Soon!

(Speakers vary per region)

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About Tufin

Tufin’s network security solutions fortify network security for large enterprises with complex operations and multi-vendor, hybrid-cloud networks. Tufin’s single network security operations platform automates and streamlines workloads for NetSec and CloudSec teams, ensuring they meet data protection regulations, comply with audits, and safeguard their organizations.

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