Leadership Breakout

Beyond the Firewall: Navigating Network Security in the Cloud

This breakout session is for CISOs, CIOs, Infrastructure VPs, Security Architects, and leaders looking to improve collaboration between teams to deliver applications faster and more securely. Led by Tufin executives and product leaders, we’ll share our vision of the future and show how network ops, cloud infrastructure, business apps, and CISOs can work better together and capture more value. Finally, learn directly from your peers in a group discussion about bridging the gap between enterprise networks and the cloud.

The Evolution of Network Security Policy Management (NSPM)
The wall between the enterprise network and the cloud is quickly disappearing. Tufin CEO Raymond Brancato  will share Tufin’s view of the future, describe how traditional network security must evolve to address the shift to the cloud, and present what Tufin is doing to help you streamline operations and reduce risk across your hybrid environment.

How Advanced Customers Maximize the Value They Get from NSPM
Tufin’s product leadership will review a recent Forrester Consulting study titled “The Total Economic Impact™ Of Tufin, May 2023”. Working with highly successful Tufin customers, this study will show how to maximize your investment in Tufin, leverage integrations to get even more value from other infrastructure products you already own, and deliver results that matter all the way up to the CISO and CIO.