What To Expect

  • Keynote and Breakout Sessions
  • Learn from Experienced Customers
  • Network with in virtual breakouts with like-minded peers
  • Hear from Tufin executives

What is Tufinnovate?

Tufinnovate is Tufin’s annual users’ conference. This is an opportunity for customers and prospects alike to learn how to get more out of their Tufin investments. This includes leveraging Tufin to increase ROI in other investments as well, such as SOAR and vulnerability management solutions.

This conference is designed to allow technical and executive stakeholders to come together and learn how to bridge the security and process gaps that exist between NetSec and CloudSec, thereby transforming the security team into a catalyst for digital transformation.

Who should attend Tufinnovate?

  • Network Security and Firewall Teams
  • CISOs
  • VP of Network Security
  • VP of Network Infrastructure
  • VP of Cloud Security
  • And… stakeholders on network operations, vulnerability, IR and cloud teams.

Why should I attend Tufinnovate?

Practitioners and CISOs alike will have the opportunity to learn how to get the most out of their Tufin investments, and they will learn how other customers are leveraging Tufin to accelerate network access changes, maintain audit readiness and dramatically reduce attack surface. This is an opportunity to learn from experts and peers how you can eliminate manual tasks to free up skilled resources while vastly improving your security posture on-premises and in the cloud.

You should attend if….

  • you feel that Network Security is a bottleneck when it comes to business agility
  • your Network Security team is not collaborating effectively with the Cloud Security and DevOps teams
  • your NetSec team is being tasked with securing legacy and OT systems
  • your team is spending weeks to prep for audits
  • you struggle to assess, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities and incidents
  • you likely have tens or hundreds of thousands of firewall rules and are using spreadsheets to manage security policy