Practitioner Breakout

Visibility, Risk and Automation: Extending Network Security to the Cloud


Network security practitioners are spending more and more time in cloud platforms and with cloud teams – which can be almost like having to learn a new language. In this session we’ll break down some key strategies and techniques to make it easier. You will leave this session with practical knowledge and templates you can use immediately to improve communication, get better visibility, gain efficiencies, and establish continuous compliance automation across your network/cloud operation.

Making the Move to Network Security Automation 
Take your time back, achieve your SLAs and demonstrate a significant improvement in your security posture. We will walk you through how to take advantage of cleanup automation and access change automation. These are two career-building milestones on your network security journey. Deliver positive outcomes, not only for your team, but for your business.

Partnering with DevOps to Deliver Applications Faster and Safer  
In this segment, we will talk about taking what you’ve learned and applying that to streamline the application delivery process in the face of an explosion of cloud-based applications with their own micro-perimeter. This is a high-impact way for your team to bridge the security and process gaps between on-prem and cloud.